Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I'll Begin 2014 with our fantastic news :)

So right before I took a ahem... "small" hiatus from blogging we had just lost our 6th pregnancy. It was super hard and the process of grieving and getting my body straitened out was more than I had ever even tried to deal with. But life does move on. I miss that sweet baby everyday and that will never change. About six months later about the time we both kinda forgot it could even happen, we got a little surprise. The morning of Callie's bday I was having awful heart burn for no apparent reason. The only time I have EVER had heart burn is when I am pregnant. Sense that thought had popped up in my mind I knew the only way I would not think about it the entire day is if I just took a test and got it over with. I honestly thought it would just ease my mind and that would be it. I took it right before everyone got there for the party. Well.... lets say it did not say what I thought it would have. I immediately walked out of the bathroom and went on with the day getting ready for our family to get there. I really didn't know what to think and was not ready to deal with the emotions it brought on. About an hour later Kyle stopped me in the hallway and said "did you take a pregnancy test" I just looked at him. "why?" I ask. "Um because I just found one in there while cleaning and it says positive"..... well don't you know I just walked away and said I didn't want to talk about it. And that is how the rest of the next little while went. I was not ready to talk about being pregnant. Everyday I tried not to think about it battling the fear that something would happen again. Finally I went to the Dr. at around 8 weeks with baited breath. I just cried as I laid down on the ultra sound table and told the tech that the last time I was there it was not good and it was just a lot to handle. Of course, right away a sweet sweet baby popped up on the screen. Oh the tears of joy!!!!! And on top of being healthy, it measured almost a week later than we thought. 

So fast forward to November. My 20 week ultrasound was scheduled for the first week of December. I really really wanted to be able to tell our family/kids on Thanksgiving what we were having. So I went to my friend who is an ultra sound tech at A Women's Choice here in Louisville to find out the week of Thanksgiving. The moment she put the wand on my belly it was OBVISIOUS what we were having. I honestly never thought we would see another little boy on that screen. I was at peace with that even though I would have LOVED for Henry to have a brother. Well, you can imagine what a surprise it was to see that sweet little BOY on the screen. Needless to say we were more than thrilled and couldn't wait to tell the kids and everyone else. I will leave ya'll with the sweet video of the kids finding out on Thanksgiving morning. It was precious. We are due April 20th.... so the end is coming. Not too much longer now!


Andy and Tamara said...

Sweet Jenn, It is so good to catch up with you on your blog. Congratulations on this great news!!